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I have been reading all of your great posts for some time now since buying our '05 Amada back in May.

I wanted to THANK ALL OF YOU for your wealth of information. The sticky on towing has been read over and over by me many times. Towing is why we bought the Armada but later fell in love with it!

Now my question, forgive me if this has been talked about to death but I could not find it.

Nothing new from what I have been seeing, but our Armada started with the brake shudder at 6K miles. Service at the dealer was easly done and painless. But they only resufaced the rotors and new pads all around, no new rotors for the front. When I asked why? Thay said that my '05 already had the "updated" rotors.
I was under the impression that the '06 had them but not the '05's.

Thanks in advance! Happy to join the club!

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Not all 05 armadas had the brake fix. It depends on the production date of the Mada to determine if it has the new style of rotors. Check out the posts about the rotors and you can check for yourself in 5 minutes with only a flashlight .
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