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Hey everyone,

Just picked up a 06 SE 4x2 in silver on Sunday. Dealership had a package already on the system, grill, and 22's.

It's the wifey's truck and she is loving it so far.

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welcome to ther group

could you get some pic's up so we can all enjoy
Welcome to the some pics when you can. Tell your wife to visit the site too. We have quite a few ladies here. :D
Welcome! My wife lets me take the Armada to the car wash and gas station. Hope your wife is as nice as mine.
Hi Guys..

I'll post some pics soon. I'm new to the armada scene, so I'm sure you guys can teach me a lot. We got the truck on Sunday and she let me take it to work on Monday. Mainly because she works nights and I wanted to install wheel locks before she parks it outside.
Welcome to the club. I'm also new to the SUV scene. Take some pics when you got time. I would love to see your Armada.
Sorry for the long wait on the pics...I'll post a few tonight...let me know what you think.


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Looks great! The grille is nice and gives it a clean look. :)
The next mod is getting a dvd player in the back for the 14 month old...and then some fogs.
Looking good. I like the grille.

You should also check out the headrest monitors. The dropdowns have a tendency to rattle alot.

I have the INnovatek from I got them off of ebay from the store for $200 with 7" monitors.
Thanks for the info ockevin. How is the picture quality?
welcome to the club.. nice looking grille..
Welcome! Very nice Armada! Love the grille! Hope to see you aroundd
Welcome to the club. Nice looking truck. You're rims looks similar to mine. I have ADR Desire.
Good Deal!!

Ryan&Sabrina said:
Sorry for the long wait on the pics...I'll post a few tonight...let me know what you think.
Good thing it came with mods already!
Aloha and welcome, nice looking ride without having to run around and get it put on yourself. Sweeeet.
Thanks for the comments. I just ordered the fog light kit...should be here in a few days...

Went on a weekend trip down to southern california..about 275 miles each way. Ended up getting 21.2 miles per gallon on the way there and probably around 17-18 on the way back. I was shocked to get 21.2. We must have being going with the wind I guess...But now it's back to 13-14 in town.
1 - 19 of 19 Posts
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