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Help me....please. Trailer Harness Mystery

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We have a 2004 Armada LE with the Towing Package. We have had the usual brake issues, but they seem be gone with the new rotors, brackets and pads - we will hold are breath and see...otherwise, what a great truck.

My issue is ---- I have a trailer brake controller and the factory harness that came in the glove box when new. Where in the world does the factory harness plug into? I have wired the controller, per the instructions, but have searched everywhere for place to plug the factory plug into.

Please somebody help me.....

Sponge Bob
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Gotta love it

It is under the dash on left side above e-brake. The connector is folded back against the harness and taped to hide it and make your life difficult and miserable. Look here in one of the bulletins for a TSB for pictures.

Good luck. Oh yea, disconnect your battery to avoid blowing a $8 fusible link that is even harder to find and order. I know.

Back again. This is the link you want.
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