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Help With Tire Wear Issue

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I was having my tires rotated at 7,500 miles and noticed that the tread wear on my right front tire is wearing uneven. The best way to describe it is if you run the palm of your hand from the front to rear of the tire on the tread, your hand will get caught up at each knob. Sort of looks like a "step".

If you recall, my vehicle was involved in an accident back in Feb., and the frame needed to be replaced. Also, the accident area was in the right front part of the vehicle where this tire wear issue is taking place. According to the shop that performed the repairs on my vehicle, they said it aligned up perfect and within factory specs and that if anything was bent in the suspension, it would show up.

Is this true? If any of you have any experience, or know anyone with any experience with this sort of problem, please post and let me know so I can have my ducts aligned up when I go to this place.

I won't be paying out of pocket because my insurance company, USAA, warrants the repair for the life of the vehicle. I have since contacted them and they are aware of the situation. My vehicle is scheduled to be looked at August 16th.
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I see...

The thing that has me concerned the most, is that it is only the one front-right tire, and not the front-left. If both were doing it, then yes, I would be a little more at ease with the situation. Was it both of your tires or just one?
Thanks for the info. I will go check it out in a little bit. I looked at the strut when my tires were off being rotated, and all three bolts on top and the bolt on the bottom looked tight. I tried to wiggle it with my hands, but I know I can't even come close to putting the same amount of pressure on it with my hands that what it experiences on the road. I'll keep you guys posted on what they find on the 16th.
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