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Heya, Im New with a Blizzard White 06...

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Hey peeps, just purchased a 06 Se Two wheel drive and found this cool website. Glad to see something like this is around . Im from socal and want to know where some of the Diego meets are??
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Armadahajimoto said:
is it easy to post pictures on this forum?? I have problems with posting pictures/not to savvy on how to also. I could send pictures to somebody and have them download it. Got my ride at Mossy Nissan In National City, Ca... Seems like mossy is more popular than I thought.
on mile of cars blvd? i used to be stationed out in sd on 32nd street naval base.
Armadahajimoto said:
Yeah, thats the one. I bet you used to go to TJ too huh?? Yeah, I grew up in NC. My dad was 22 years retired from the Navy. We went on post all the time to both pools. As close as NC is to the base, you would figure more ppl at my hs at the time would be military affiliated. I guess not. I went to Sweetwater off of highland.
TJ and rosarito are fun places to go.. only thing that sux is trying to cross the border coming back. traffic is terrible plus border patrol asks u a million questions. :damn:
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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