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Hi! New member here, and a Clarion NICE owner- calling other NICE owners!

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My name is Jun and I am from, my user name is Cardesigner on that forum. Anyway, I have a Titan, and recently purchased and installed a Clarion NICE in my truck. I've come here not only because I dig the Armadas but there are more NICE owners here. Sooooo...having said that, I wanted to ask you guys- have any of you installed the external antenna? I noticed on my NICE the GPS works well but sometimes it takes a while to capture the satellite. I'm wondering if the external antenna would help this. I see it's only about $30 for one so I might give it a shot.

Other than that I think the NICE Is a great buy and at $599 (from Fry's) it was a steal! I didn't like the nav bezel as it puts the screen far away and required cutting of the stereo bezel, and I didn't want it to look ghetto so I am in the process of making a custom mount and housing that will blend into the non-nav bezel. It puts the screen directly above the stereo so it's still within arm's reach. I will post pics when done!

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1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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