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High Output/Performance Alternator

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Hello Everyone,

I have begun planning my stereo/audio modifications and decided to start with upgrading my electrical system. In addition to purchasing the grounding kit, I considered upgrading my alternator as well. I have done a search for performance alternators and did not get much results. All that I have found are alternators for American vehicles (GM, Ford, Buick, etc.). Does anyone know of a reliable and yet compatible alternator for our Armadas anywhere in the market? Any suggestions will be appreciated!
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I'm on the verge of giving up my search for a performance alternator. =(
ezemaxima said:
Me and my friends being getting our high output alternators from Mechanical man. His customer service has been great and his alternator are hot rated not cold (usally the power output drops as your alternator gets hot)


Hope this helps you out.

Cool! Thank you for responding! Which model of alternator did you get?
92TripleBlack said:
How much are you going to run? Most applications don't require an upgraded alternator. In most cases, you can get away with a cap or two. ;)

BTW, Like Sonja, I installed professionally for 3 years and never needed to do an alternator upgrade. We did show winning systems with up to $30k in equipment.
Thank you for responding! I'm not exactly sure yet how much wattage I will be utilizing from the battery and OEM alternator. Whatever a 1000 watt sound system, DVD system, upgraded alarm, and after market 100 watt+ offroad lighting combined will suck up. It was my understanding that too much draw from the battery and alternator with result in poor engine (and other electrical components) performance and shortage of battery life.
RedSonja said:
I too used to do A/V installations for trucks and cars for competition (Kenwood) and private requests. I have to agree with Triple that most do not need an upgraded altenator since one or more caps will be more than enough. At most due to the way some of my past customers ran their systems, I would install a second battery. The altenator upgrade was left for the higher end competition setups or those that just wanted it anyway.
I'm sorry for my lack of audio experience, but what are you refering to as "caps"? Do you mean capacitors? In addition to the amplifier, I will be including a capacitor. I will take your advice with the second battery, but do I wire the batteries in series or parallel with the alternator? Again, thank you for responding!
ezemaxima said:
It all depends on how much power output you need!. I don't plan on changing my alternator on my Armada but my 98 Nissan Maxima has one. It definitely help in maintaining proper operating voltage while driving at night with the stereo blasting and the foglights and A/C on. I also have a second battery in the trunk. Just give them a call and he will give you a few suggestion depending on your needs.
Looks like everyone is agreeing that the alternator in our Armadas is sufficient for any audio/video upgrades. I will just keep my oem alternator and just get a secondary battery. Thank you for your suggestion!
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