Hi guys I have some of these for sale I made some for myself and make some extras. I could not find a true 3/4" to 1" lift spacer out there of good quality so I made these.
CNC from aluminum and will actually fit the lower control arm cone so they do not slide around like the cheap ebay ones. Also the control arm cone was replicated and on the top of the spacer to properly seat the lower rubber spring seat. These also have a flat smooth rest so if you are using airbags they will not tear or cut the bag.
These give 3/4" to 1" lift so your truck should still align well. I found out first hand a lot of other spacers out there lifted way more ( sometimes double ) than they say and that can make your rear NOT align. $150 a pair

Let me know if your interested and also If enough interest I will make some for 2" lift as well.
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