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Radiator Filter Idea

Here's a $6.00 tip. pevents bugs and debris getting lodged between the radiator fins. Over time it can get clogged and reduce cooling efficiency. I all think I might be paranoid but it's only a six dollar fix and took me 20 minutes tops. Definitely cheap insurance to keep your radiator clean and prevent bent fins from kamikaze strikes from those little boogers. Bent fins will also block airflow. I change it out every six months or so because in my area, we get a lot of flying insects. Drive into a swarm of bees on the freeway and it's all over. Trust's happened to me a few times in other cars and now I do this whenever I buy a new car.

Here's a pic of it installed. Nothing big...just basic screen material bought from Home Depot. Cut it down to size a little bigger and wider than the radiator and put it behind the grill to cover the entire front of the radiator. I used four short self tapping sheet metal screws ($.25 for a bag) and found a spot on all four corners to anchor the screen. It's screwed into plastic. Two at the top and two on the bottom but you have to remove the bottom cover to pull the screen down and under. The same cover you remove when changing your oil filter. There's an area down there that's plastic to screw into. DON'T SCREW IT TO THE PLASTIC RADIATOR ENDS. That'll definately screw up your day.


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