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Hood bug deflectors, run em or not?

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I have an 04 SE mada and it came with the tinted bug deflector for the hood.. Problem is dirt gets down there and its hard to wash under it. and forget waxing of course. thinking of removing it, what do you guys like, looks or function wise? I just got my QX56 rims installed today and plan a morning of washing, waxing and buffing the truck and wheels.. and wondered about just taking it off so i can wash the whole hood and wax it and for looks.. It looks cool but ive seen some without them and they look clean as well... so undecided.

Let me know guys
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Mine fits pretty tight to the hood and i cant seem to wash under it.. I mean i could up to the edge, but not to the front of the hood.
True :) I'm not sure if its oem.. was on it when we bought it used 4 weeks ago.
Just what i was looking to hear... this is our third SUV we have had, Xterra, then old body style pathfinder, and now the mada, and first hood deflector.. we live in Florida and love bugs tear up front bumpers and hoods.. so i better keep it
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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