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How many from Sacramento area?

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Just curious to see how many clubarmada people live in the Sacramento/Elk Grove area?

I live in Elk Grove and haven't seen many tricked out Armada's on the road. :hi:
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Sacramento ...
My in-laws are in ElkGrove, so im there ATEAST twice a month:whip:
06 in Citrus Heights!
Elk Grove baby.
i just posted a thread for any meets in Cali, lol i didnt even see this thread, but im down south in orange county.:(
I am in Rocklin
I'm in Wilton. Any of you find a place yet that will do the timing advance?
Here in Tracy CA, I'm sure Rossi from Club Titan would help on the two degree timing advance. I believe Rossi is out of Modesto CA. :bow:
Not quite Sacramento, but I to am from Tracy, California!
Can anyone in the Sacramento area recommend a good installer for my DVD player?

I live in Sacramento, CA


Does anyone meet up?
i'm in Folsom
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