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How to find recalls and TSB's on your vehicle

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Is there an updated link for this? The one posted above no longer works...
The link is for TSB's:

Technical service bulletins (TSBs) are issued by Nissan to assist technicians with diagnosis and repair. TSBs address specific concerns or conditions such as rough idles, noises and rattles. These specific concerns can be the result of customer or repair shop feedback. The TSB for a specific concern or condition will provide an up-to-date engineering-approved vehicle modification, repair procedure or service part.
finally: and actual TSB for the saggy baggy suspension.....Dealer Denial will be harder with a hard copy in hand....

P.S. - surprised the solution is to replace shocks and lines, instead of just the o-rings. Maybe they actually revised the part(s)?
Only the link to still works and they want to charge ridiculous amounts if you want to view the TSBs..
corporate 'murica.. :)

20 bux is an option for 24 hours.. not that bad but i get what youre saying.

you can also just call the dealer, give them your vin, and they can tell you any tsbs, if any, are attached to it...
Simply go to this website Check for Recalls: Vehicle, Car Seat, Tire, Equipment and either enter your year/make/model or your specific VIN number, depending on which category you select.

To see if any or all recalls on your vehicle have been taken care of, select the "VIN" option in the center of the page and enter your 17 digit VIN number.
For my '07 Armada LE, there are a total of 3 recalls. After I enter the VIN number, it shows that zero recalls are unrepaired... meaning everything has been addressed.


Now if you want to see what TSB's there are, click on the "Vehicle" link in the center of the page, enter your year/make/model and then look to the right where it has "Manufacturer communications"

In my case, there are 38 communications:


If I click on the number 38, it then gives me a dropdown list of all the communications. Often, they are TSB's, but not always. if you are looking for a specific TSB, you may have to dig a bit here as their descriptions can be a little convoluted.. and may just say "fuel system" or "engine".

So if I want to look at the first one, I click on the + sign at the upper right of that topic. This will expand that particular communication:


That will then show me a list of any documents that are associated with that topic. There could be one or there could be several. In this case, there happens to be one . Click on "1 associated document" and that will expand to show specific documents.


When I expand that, I see it is in PDF format. This is what I am looking for if I am searching for a TSB. A lot of times these PDF's will outline the specific issue and in some cases will give detailed steps (for the dealerships) on repairing the issue as well as specific part numbers, etc.


I have seen some issues where they have many documents associated to the topic. Some are cryptic, but I always look for the PDF files and go through them if I am researching an issue.
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Just as an additional resource, I did a quick writeup on using the NHTSA website to research recalls and TSB's on your vehicle, including whether your vehicle has had all the recalls taken care of (By a dealership).

You can find that writeup located here: How to find recalls and TSB's on your vehicle
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If you register as a regular user(FREE) you can download 2 TBS, Manuals, etc per a 24 hour period.
Files Downloads Include:
Does not include complete service manuals
Loose Service Manuals Sections
Service Bulletins
Service Recalls
Owners Manuals
OEM Accessories Installation Guides
Tech Guides
Warranty Booklets
Navigation Manuals

Anymore than that... will require a paid subscription for unlimited access @ : $12.95 -1 yr , $30 - 3 Yrs , $60 -6 yrs, $75 -10 Yrs.
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