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Raffa said:

If it will keep up, my plan is to keep this car around for a long time. I don't normally change cars as often as most people. My shortest time with a car was the VW Passat and sold that after 4.5 years. That was a love hate relationship that ended with a lot of hate.
I still own my '95 Civic, and my wife has the '04 G35 Infinity.

I dont think I will ever buy non Japanese again, as long as these cars hang in there.

we also keep our cars for a long time except for our VW Passat. After numerous electrical issues and a mysterious leak we sold it after just a few years and bought a Maxima.
Now we currently have 2 Maximas (Maximi?) and the Armada. One Max has about 35K miles and the other 220K and still running strong. Neither have had any major issues and fit and finish is above par.

btw the Passat had a great interior, 5 speed tranny, and road feel but nagging problems and rude/$hitty dealerships will make sure you never go back.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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