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Hullio Needs Help Plz

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The fan for A/C and Heat in our Armada doesn't work!! All of a sudden today it doesn't work :( I put the fan full blast and nothing is coming out of the vents except for very little air..I could feel hot air when I put the heat on, and I could feel cold air when i put the A/C on, but there's no power to push that air so i'm guessing the fan is busted or something..any suggestions on how to fix it? I guess get a new fan :confused: ? How much will this cost?

Thanks fam.
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hullio said:
well since my dad isn't here right now wit the Mada, i think it has 70,000 KM +

70 000km is roughly 45 000 miles. i know i bought the extended warantee, to 160 000 km/ 100 000 miles or 2010,
which ever comes first
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