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I am saving for a Pathfinder!

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I love pathfinders so much! I can't wait to get one -- oh and hello all, I am not to much into the "introduction forum" so I will just say hi here.

Hello :hi:
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best wishes and good luck. You can lease now for 299.00 sign and drive, if leasing is what interests you.
I also looked at Pathfinder, but lease programs on MADA was much much better.
who is bashing who? People just expressing their feelings. If someone feels claustrophobic in a Pathfinder, that is their prorogative. It is not because you or I are 6' and we are fine in there that others can not feel the same way.

I for once, love the pathfinder, but ended up getting the armada due to better lease options that is all. I am sure all feel the same way.
1 - 3 of 19 Posts
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