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I Did It

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We replace our Lexus sc400 with the 06 LE Pathfinder this morning:D . The ride was pretty impressive, wife and kid seem happy with it. Color is white with beige interior, paid $33k is this a good price? No dvd or navigation
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Congrats, I don't know how good that price is since mine's an SE. I have a '05 SE 4X4 fully loaded.

It lacks LE features of puddle lights, memory seat, leather seat, and Auto 4X4(I actually feel the tires on the LE are a downgrade with their lower profile). I paid $5k less than you. So it's really a matter is if those features are worth an extra $5k to others.

The LEs are sure nice but since I can't stand leather in a car, it wasn't even a consideration for me. I would like the solenoid activated clutch to engage 4WD when there's wheel slippage but I'll just have to force myself and turn it on myself.:)

Enjoy your Pathy.

Have a good one.
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