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I have to say goodbye, the Mada has been sold

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I would like to thank you all for all the replies in the past..
I hate to say it but I traded in the Armada..
I just couldn't deal with the MPG anymore... and yes, I knew that going in..
I drive about 3000 mi. per month... that works out to too much $$ at the pump... not to mention all the trips to the shop... and the A/C was still blowing hot air... It's like 200 degrees down here and it was very annoying..

Peace out and enjoy your Armadas !!
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Too bad to see you go. Interesting note, SUV and truck sales have been up month to month even over the last 12 months.
So, interestingly rising gas prices is not effecting SUV and truck sales.
And for me personally, I don't like $3/gal for gas, but I am not going to put my wife and kids into a smaller SUV or car to get an extra 5mpg.

Can't beat for safety 5,500lbs, with front and side curtain airbags, and a large V8 motor.

Please share with us what you are driving now?
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