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Great Ride

I usually just read these threads but I think its time to chime in on this topic...
I researched every SVU out there and drove everyone too. When you do the comparisons on paper, no comparison... when you drive them all, no comparison. All my opinion of course but I looked for months and could not find anything else like the Armada.
I tow a 28ft Travel Trailer in the summer, it's just a beast. Now that we have snow (West Michigan) it is the best vehicle I have ever driven on slippery roads. I have had a few minor squeaks an rattles but nothing the dealer couldn't fix. Now at 14,900 miles I have NO Brake problems, or any other TSB issues to speak of. It's been a dream vehicle. It's the first new car I have ever purchased(usually buy used to save some dough) but in this instance the Armada has been a real value already. I do not have the worries of a used car, I have a great warranty, and the Armada is just different than anything else on the road.
I still have people ask " what the heck is that" I love that... Its just been a pleasure to own...

Good luck, make the comparisons, do you home work.
If someone makes a better large SUV I'd love to hear which one...

04 LE 4X4-
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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