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Injen CAI - Anyone have one?

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Hi all,

I've been looking around for an CAI for my Armada and I thought I was going to go with the AEM w/ the dry filter but I stumbled across this other brand on a Titan site.

With claims of +28hp/43TQ, what would make this intake produce more power vs. an AEM, Volant, or AFE? Do you think those numbers are accurate?

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Nice gains. It looks a little to much like a heat register you would see in a floor or ceiling: :eek: The welds in one section look a little rough. Not buying "The Worlds First Tuned System" ???? I personally like the Volant or K&N Air Charger which are both "tuned systems" as well. I'm sure it would serve you well. If you like it, plunk it down and strap it in.

2005 SE OR
Borla Exhaust
K&N Air Charger
looking at injens dyno graph, the 28 HP gain is at 3500 RPM. At top power, aprox. 5k rpm, the gain is 9hp.

doesnt that seem a bit strange?

usaully these air charger kits help the most up top, not mid range
Some one at Titan Talk just put one on, he's suppose to get it Dyno sometime this week. Stay tune if I see a dyno result I'll post it.
Thanks! I'm waiting for the guy's dyno too :D . I just want to know if it's worth the extra $$$ for the Injen.
Here's a dyno of the Injen but he has a Banks exhaust also, no dyno of just the Injen. Scroll down to post 132.
Pwrl3ss said:
Thanks! I'm waiting for the guy's dyno too :D . I just want to know if it's worth the extra $$$ for the Injen.
No, its not. Not at all. Injen is a rip-off
I kinda jumped the gun before he posted his dynos with the Injen and got AEM for $235 shipped :thumbup: . This is probably the one time for me that not waiting paid off.
That's the lowest price I've seen for the AEM shipped. Where from if you don't mind me asking?
I got it from They had a 10% off coupon until the 2/26. I was going to buy the Gibson SS as well for $472, but I decided to hold off until I check out the other cat-back options out there.
That is a good price for the SS Gibson system. Go for it!
I can't now; the 10% off sale is over :( .

But if anyone is interested, all their intakes (including the Injen - $335 shipped) is 10% off....
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