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Installed Volant CAI

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Just installed the Volant CAI with the optional air intake to my 2006 LE.

Easy install. If not for the Volant labels on it you would swear it was OEM it fits so well. With optional air intake you do lose your drivers side tow hook. Took about 45 minutes to install. :D
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any problems with Volant install

How did you decide on the Volant CAI? I was leaning towards the AEM BRUTE FORCE CAI because of the dry filter and less chance of messing up the mass airfllow sensor. How was the install and where and how much did you end up paying for it? Have you noticed any difference in performance?
Sorry for all the questions but I am still confused about which CAI really works. I read in the Titan forums that there is a drop in bhp and torque just below 3000 rpm. Yes a drop from stock. I wanted to know if anyone out there has experienced this drop in power.

Armada LE 4x4, Silver with Tech package
The Black Box modifier just posted they have modified the ECU to take advantage of the extra air of the intake. The intakes have been fooling sensors making the motor run rich (more gas used, less power) and the new programing woke up the intake and exhaust they had added. Since all intakes basically just equal more air going in, they will all probably get these same issues. However, it seems worth it once you get the computer tuning. I'm going to wait for everything at once. I want to get the SC and if I get the job I want, I will as a present to myself. I'll include then exhauset, intake, and programing as well as a stereo setup(headrest monitors, JL10w6 sub, JL amps, and some good speakers. If I don't, it may be a little more time with building the new house, furniture, etc. ;)

We finally finished some Custom Tunes for the Titan. All stock the tuning gained over 30 ft lbs and 20 HP at peak with a sweet spot at 3700 rpm of 50 ft lbs!
It only took about 2 hours with the stock air box on the dyno
Then we installed the afe STAGE II . The Venturi Shape of the afe
cai wrecks the maf calibration -- goes rich! We spent 8 hours on the dyno
tuning with the afe and finally got gains exceeding our tune without the afe of about 9HP 10 Ft lbs. We aslo have a customer that added the Gibson
Exhaust , AFE and Black Box He is driving over the weekend with the tune
and will dyno first of the week-- Rocky Mountain's box is shippping on Monday He has a lot of mods can't wait to get feedback from him and his testing!-- I will try and get my Computer Gal to put the dyno sheets
on my website on sunday! Anyone in the South Florida
area with a different cold air or mods that I can build some custom tunes
for we can help each other- I was amazed at how the afe changed the
fuel strategies and am wondering about all the other cold air systems
When we installed the AFE it richened the mix by 1.5 points and dropped
the computer into a defense of -15% Long term fuel trims. I think I will cut
the plastic stock pipe where the maf sensor bolts too and fit it to the
afe big filter and box and see if that helps! Anyway we have an awesome tune for stock and the afe cold air- Cat back systems really do not effect
the tune that much-- Looking forward to working with some headers like Mossy-- We had a Titan with jba headers - Volant cold air- Gibson-and
Unichip dyno less than stock we will be helping him next week I will keep you posted Ron
They are at
Gas Doc,

Just had my AEM CAI installed by AEM with the dry filter. Fits great works well. I have not checked gas mileage, but I have noticed a positive "seat of the pants" difference in performance.

BRE, Where did you get the grill from. Nice.
It is a Street Scene Grill (satin finish). I got mine from Greg Vogel at Mossy Nissan. They sponsor this site, you can email Greg and I am sure he will get you a great price on the grill.
Cai Tuning

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