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IR headrest monitor question for some experts.Please help

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I have 2 headrest monitors with built in IR. I also have a couple wireless headsets. My goal was to have the IR ports on the headrest work for the headsets. That way one can play the PS2 and have sound while the other watches the DVD and has sound as well. The shop for some reason installed a seperate IR unit for the headset. The only thing I could think why this was done is that the single port, which was installed above on the door to the factory DVD door, gives a longer range to listen from. Using the IR on the heasrest requires you to be directly behind it. The only thing with the single IR unit is that my son when he playes the PS2 and the other watches his DVD's, there is no sound when playing his games, only on the DVD. I want to be able to use the IR on the headrest so they can have their own independant sounds. I dont know if this even makes since but can some1 tell me how to make the IR on my headrest work. Thanks
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If you have more than one IR, there will be interference. Have to really know how the wire was run and stuff to really pinpoint the problems.
The IR needs to be on two channels, the factory and most aftermarket operate on the most common channel I guess since just about any wireless headphones work with them. You may only have one Baseball said we really need to know how they wired things to answer why and if you can get two audio channels out of the current system. Does the monitors have a headphone jack? if so try plugging in a wired headphone to see if there is audio there at least.
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