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Jacking Point

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Where is the rear jacking point on the Armada. I have always had solid axle trucks in the past and would lift from the differential. I am sure you can do this from the differential but just wanted to see what others are doing.
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Jacking Point/Rear Diff

scr38 said:
The jacking points are on the frame rails. Look in Section 6 in your owner's manual. I would not use a floor jack under the differential. It is an aluminum housing; also the mounting brackets for it are not designed to carry the load of the rear of the vehicle.

SCR38, you may want to take a closer look at the rear diff. It is not aluminum it is steel with an aluminum cover ;) The pinions and yolk are incased in solid steel. The key is to keep the floor jack off the 1/2 in lip. I have been lifting my Subaru’s and All Road for years. The diff can certainly carry the load, it is attached in several places directly to the frame. The torque the frame points see from off roading, towing or even general driving is far greater than what lifting would do.

If I had to lift just one side I would lift from the frame. I like to cross rotate my tires and use 4 jack stands.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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