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JBA hookup!

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In my search for speed, I noticed that the only headers available for the Armada were the JBA's, they also have an exhaust system for the titan, but nothing listed for the Armada. Thats when it hit me that JBA is located close to where I live. So I called and spoke to one of their managers about test fitting an exhaust system for the Armada on my car. He seemed very optomistic about producing a system for our vehicle. He said that in a few weeks when their R&D got caught up he would set me up with an appointment to get fitted. Of course for being the donor vehicle, I will get a free exhaust system, plus he said he would give me a good deal on the headers, and install for them :D. Note: to install the JBA headers you must weld on to the existing exhaust.

I don't want to be to optomistic, but hopefully they will follow through. This also gives us a great chance to give them feedback on what is most important to us in an exhaust system. The manager was wondering if I though Armada owners would perfer a stainless system, or an aluminized. I thought that I would pass along any prefrences to him. It seems like to most people the cabin drone is one of the biggest factors in their exhaust purchase.

I will post back when I get an appointment set up for the fittment.
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92TripleBlack said:
Do a dino test before and after. ;)
I am hoping to work that in to the package. Well see if the money permits.
Hopefully they will run it on the Dyno before and after, unless they use the same claims as the Titan, but that would be pretty lame.
We'll see about the headers, I have read the posts over at CT, but really I didn't find a whole lot of conlusive evedince over whether or not they were making gains. I will have to continue thinking about it. :confused:
Well I am finaly getting the JBA exhaust! :)
Took the 'Mada in last week for the test fit. They kept it for a day and a half. John over at JBA Headers was very helpful, and friendly. I let him know about the drone concerns that many of us have. So they test fit a few diffrent mufflers to see which one worked, and sounded the best. The kit will only be available in SS I believe.

Tomorrow my wife will drop off the beast at JBA Racing to get a dyno done, and the exhaust installed. She gets to have all the fun, while I work :D . Oh well, I am excited to see the results. I have decided to postpone getting headers for now, if I get them later I will be able to see if they maKe any gains over the stock ones.

I will try to post pics and video when its all done.
No duals from JBA, it will be a single side swept exhaust coming out in the stock location. Gibson I believe has a dual system though.
1 - 6 of 17 Posts
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