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JL Audio wants your Armada

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Found this on another site. You guys might want to talk to this guy if your close.

JLTD said:
We need an Armada to perform listening tests for our Stealthbox prototype designed for this SUV. We will need the vehicle for two business days for listening tests and generating an instruction sheet. In return, you will receive the first Stealthbox off the line free of charge.
If you are interseted and are in proximity of Broward County, Florida, let me know. Please email me, I will not be checking for responses to this post.
If you are unfamiliar with JL Audio or the Steathbox brand, you can find infromation here. MY E-MAIL

Thank you for reading.

Joseph Colasanti
JL Audio, Inc.
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Any additional info on this? I would be interested in this. Any pictures of the design? I went to the JL site, but nothing yet for the Armada.
Well, I am actually in SoCali so I couldn't get to Florida. I was just wondering about the finished product. I wanted to see if they found a place to put an aftermarket sub without sacraficing too much space. All the space the Armada offers if definitely one of the reasons I bought it. Thanks though.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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