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2009 armada se
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hello everyone,
i have a 2009 armada
recently taking a casual stroll through the local pic-a-part and found another armada. this one has a dvd player in the overhead. mine doesn't but since i have 4 kids i thought how cool would it be to snag that and plug it into mine. but i have a feeling it aint that easy. has anyone done this. i know the dvd player will be needed as well, but wondering if all the head units come with the same hook-ups to support a dvd player whether they had dvd or not?


update: yesterday i grabbed the dvd screen and the dvd player from the center console. its a ton of work to get the dvd player out. sheesh. be ready for a good amount of work. take the two front seats out and start disassembling the entire center console. I'll let you know if the plug in play work out.

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yes people over the years have added the roof dvd system to armadas, so nothing new here. it does take some patience but is worth it especially if you have children or frequently have people in back on long trips.
some people now use dvd headrests as they offer more modern inputs and updated screens that can show HD content. cool to hear you are getting on with the project.
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