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Just Ordered New Wheels

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Couldn't wait till father's day. :D

I broke down and got them in 24's. Thought for sure I wouldn't get them bigger than 22's until I found out that the 24's have the same load rating as the stock tires (2601#). I don't do any heavy towing, but if I ever did, I'd get some new rubber for the 18's that would be up to the task. Anyway, I like em. Hopefully I'll have the real pics up in a week. Here are a couple, The mada (not mine) has 26's. Too big, load goes down, not enough side wall, blah, blah, blah. I'm not racing my truck so I won't cry about the performance loss. At least with the 24's I can still use a 40 series tire. It was hard enough to spend the money on the 24's. I'm pretty cheap (thrifty).


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Looks pretty sik dude! Classy. So i was wondering if you'd have to replace the tire sensor and replace the brakes now that you have 24's?
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