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Just ordered QX56 rims for my mada

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Well im still new around here, But wanted to share. I just purchased off e-bay a new set of Qx56 Chrome rims for my 04 mada i just purchased, How many members have made this swap/upgrade?
They will be like a week till they are here i would guess, I think they look great and will keep it pretty much factory with alittle chrome .

anyway to change the logo on the center cap? will the nissan fit it, or what have you guys done?
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Well as BOSTONBOB said I do have the upgrade and I love the way they look on the mada! And about the infinity logo I personally like it beacause people come up to me all the time and say nice infinity! So it doesn't bother me much. You will like how they look. Well I will post the pics again for you to see. Hope you enjoy.[email protected]/detail?.dir=7f24&.dnm=f2adre2.jpg&.src=ph
Nissanfan said:
Oh man, now i really can't wait!! Great pics, I happen to have the same color mada.. See my first post with the pic attached. I don't have the 20's that are on it in the pic. rode like crap and i ditched them.. Thanks for something to look forward to

also do the same lug nuts fit? and what can i sell the factories for $? and where? Im a long time e-bay seller and was going to just e-bay em..
Well I am glad that you can't wait to get them on they are definetly a great improvement over the stock Nissan ones. The lug nuts are the same so you will have no problems there. I have tried to sell my stock wheels on ebay to no avail. I put them on there for $200 for the wheels and they have not sold on this site or ebay. I hope you have better luck than I do. Of course I do live in Arkansas!
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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