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K & N Air Filter. To do or not to do?

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I was thinking adding an K&N Air filter? Worth the $50 or so bucks? I've always been a big fan of K&N air filters. When I had my Rincon ATV it had one, my F150 has one, and my VTX 1300 motorcycle has one. I've notice that certain vehicles perform better than others. I traded my 4runner in for the Mada and it had one, but really didn't see a difference in it; in the MPG or HP...

Also, since I'm new to the Mada world what do I expect in MPG? 12 city and 18 hwy? I know it all depends on how heavy your foot gets when the light changes or if you keep it below a certain speed on the hwy. I was little disappointed that the Mada didn't come with a digital display that shows your MPG, Miles to "E", etc... I know the big beast Mada will be bad vs to a Honda Civic, but I'm wanting to compare it to my old 4 Runner (14 city / 20 hwy) and my F150 (13 city / 18 hwy).

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I've had them in several of my cars, and noticed no difference. In my Maxima, my MAF sensor went bad about 500 miles after putting one in. You might also do a search on this and other forums, I've seen some studies that say K&N filters don't do a real good job of filtering. But, I'd think if they were really bad, they wouldn't have been around for so long. Some people swear by them....

I've posted this link before. If you are going to keep your Armada a long time and/or drive in dusty conditions, you might want to study these test results a little.

PS. it is very hard to keep your foot off the "fun pedal". We get 12 in-town, 17 highway, about 14 towing the utility trailer w/motorcycles/atv and about 8-9 pulling the loaded toybox.
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