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K&N Filter install

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:D hello there
I installed the K&N Full flow Air on Saturday,Yes it takes about an 1 or so ,I ordered the Borla exhaust ,will be here in 2 weeks .
The K&N makes a difference already (Sounds sweet) ,can't wait for the exhaust.
Regards ,
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You can do it. It is easy. If you need any help just post here. Also search for installs here. Several write ups have been done. Look here for help with the Volant install:
To remove exhaust system look at this. It is a Titan, but it is the same as a Armada except the tail pipe is a little different:
Gh0sT said:
Ahahaha. Alrighty few more Qs but. I was reading up and it doesn't appear that difficult, but more importantly, if I do install the Gibson or get it installed by Midas (looking amiously) will it pass California Smog? Cause :comphead: if it doesn't
Either way it will pass the smog test.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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