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2019 Armada SL
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Hi all,

The web abounds with instructions on programming an Intelligent Key by putting the key in the ignition 6-10 times->turn key to Acc->press button.

But how do you program it when you have no keyhole? I know the dealer can do it, but I'd like to avoid that if at all possible.

I see some key programmers out there, but none of them mention the newer Armada/QX80/Patrol. I'd much rather spend $100 on a programmer that can be used multiple times than $80 each visit to the dealer.

I've also toyed around with some car hacking, so if there's something that can be done on the CAN bus, I'm all ears.

Anyone have a CONSULT rig they'd let me borrow? I'd be willing to put an OBDII sniffer in between and document the protocol.

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