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Kid of the Armada Owner

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Hello boys,
My name is Jon, 17 years old, the driver of the car, living down here in the good old bi-polar weather city of San Diego. Right now its blazing hot in the day and FREEZING cold at night, by freezing I mean 67 degrees give or take. I also live in Buckeye, Arizona.

Alright, to spark up the convo. We have a house currently filed under a 10-31, (a rental). And for those who know what I am talking about, We have untill this year to sell the house legally as the owner to the rental, if not then we have to go though the LP or the SCorp and do a few paperwork though them to avoid the "101-capital gains"

Anyway to skip the jumble, we are going to get cash around Oct - Dec of this year. And my father is giving me give or take $5,000-$10,000 to put better tyres/rims on the car. I am fully aware of the break judder. And I do experience the break judder a couple of weeks ago after a good high speed breaking (@81mph to @40mph in about 3-4 seconds). Now anyway gentlemen of the Armadas, I need a few tips to mod the car.

Heres whats on her so far.

2004 Nissan Armada SE-4x4 (Love the 4x4 on the fly btw)
- 18' 5-Spoke Alloy Wheels
- Smoke/Gray Color Scheme
- Smoke/Gray Leather Upholstry
- Boze/DVD player system (My dad is a numbskull and he can't admit that Boze is going down the tubes, along the lines of Sub worth)
- Two full rows, Did not get the captain's chairs
- There is No GPS and we don't plan to get any GPS.
- Roof Rack System
- Towing /w T bar.
- Going to the dealership in the next week or two about the break juddering.

Useage: For the next couple of months about 80% of the use is about two times per day is about a 5 mile trip to school and what not. The other 20% is driving though LA - Vegas - San Fran - Arizona. Yes we drive it.

Now I need some help on what to do with the car. I am extremely conservative, so I don't want to roll down in 22s that freaking spin on 100 spokes. Reduclious. I want the car to fit our personality: Low key, conservative, but sophicated. I work for Banana Republic, so if your still a little lost of the style I got, its there.

Typically the parts that you suggest would be pref. if it was easy to get, less ordering online, oh yea always: something with the bang for your buck, or something reasonably priced :D

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Go to They have a wheel fit guide that puts your rig's picture on the screen and then you can try different style rims on it to see what you like. 22 isn't to big, but 17-20 is more conservative. Don't worry about the available tires that much on the site. There are several they don't list out there. They have the model of the tire, but don't list the size. If you call them though they have them. ;)

BTW< I like the look of the EVO renegades in 18x9.5 :D
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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