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HBTennis said:
Sorry for the delay in response, Stretch. El Segundo??? Hey, we're practically neighbors. I drive Vista Del Mar everyday.

My Armada is silver. I've seen a few silver cars (and SUVs) with black rims with silver lips, and it looks really cool, but unfortunately the KMC Backseat rims will not fit the Armada :( . The Backseat is/was 22" x 10", and I'm not sure of the offset, but they were pretty deep and didn't sit flush to the body - stuck out about an inch .5, which didn't look quite right. Oh, and they didn't clear the front calipers :mad:.

So now the quest continues. KMC has a rim similar to the Backseat called the Cousteau that may fit - 22" x 9.5", but not sure of the offset yet. The shop recommended an offset of +25/+27 (?).

I have the KMC Cousteau's 24x10 and they fit perfect even lowered the Armada no clearance porblems. I heard on the Armada the thing to worry about is the center of the hub, I think its smaller on the Armada then most other after market wheels or something like that.
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