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Kpierson 's roll up module

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KP Tech's roll up module

Just got mine installed this morning by one of Kevin's guys . It works great ! The guy who installed it (Dan) was a pleasure to deal with . Topnotch all the way !Thanks Kevin !
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The KPtechnologies module allows you to RAISE your windows via your OEM keyfob. By pressing the 'LOCK' button twice within 1.5 seconds the windows will automatically raise, and the anti-pinch feature will still be functional.

While the module is actively raising the windows another press of the 'LOCK' button will cause the windows to freeze, for saftey reasons or for the convience of leaving the windows vented.

Finally, the window module has a programmable auto lock feature. However, due to the limiations of the factory electrical system there is NO auto unlock feature. (KPtechnologies has a separate optionally speed controlled door locking system in development).

For any questions check out or

Thank you,
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