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Larger brakes for mid-year 2005?

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I thought I saw a thread on here last week that said there was going to be a rolling change to the 2005 Armada's, some time in April, where they were going to increase the size of the brakes. I've searched and searched for that thread, but can't find it. Does anybody know if there are plans to increase the size of the brakes? Was I seeing things?
I'm currently looking at purchasing an Armada next spring. With all of the discussions of brake problems, If they plan on increasing the size in April, I'll wait until that change goes into effect before purchasing.


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My dealer just informed me yesterday that there is supposed to be a mass recall sometime mid next year for all Titan and Armadas to get the new larger front brakes.
Hey I have a 05 Armada and I have noticed that my brakes squeak the pads are still thick and my vdc light came on and the dealership turned it back off and told me that it was a ground wire whats up icecole
Welcome to CA icecole!

There are many reasons for brakes to squeak. Brake squeaking isn't a problem, just annoying. Grinding is a problem.
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