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I just took possession of a brand new 2005 LE 4 x 4, and other than some minor issues, I absolutely love the truck.

Now, having had it for a couple of days, I actually sat down and read the lease agreement. Unfortunately, the numbers do not make sense.

Can anyone make heads or tails out of how the lease payment is calculated? :confused:

I have used the lease calculator on to no avail.
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ummm i was (am) trying to get an armada, and i was (am) considering the leasing option too, but im doing my homework to see how it really works. like you guys said in your posts if i lease the mada for say 39 months, then at the end of the lease i get a buy out option right?? well lets say that the truck was 35,000 and at the end the residual is 17,500 but the market value is something about 15,000... wouldn't it be better to go this way since the dealer would try to match that price in order for you to take it anyways? you make lower payments, drive the car you want, but the only disav. is the miles and keeping the truck like new... plus on those 39 months period you can save some extra money in case you want to buy the truck at then of the lease... how you guys think about that?? since i got a commuter already on the mada i wont be putting more than 12k miles a year. :rolleyes:
maybe i didnt understand your post but we all agree that leasing is cheaper on the 1st years how come your making payments of $750 a month?!? i dont get it... when i went to dealer to get a quote on leasing i got something like 350-400 dollars a month... but $750?!? damn... :eek:
ohhh!! the QX. man i was gonna say... 750 for a mada?? in that case sound good deal, im hoping to get mine soon ;) (not QX)
1 - 3 of 29 Posts
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