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Leather Repair

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Does anyone know how to repair a tear in the leather of our madas? My son left a toy in the seat and when he flipped it forward to let the people in back out it punctured/tore a slash in the armrest leather. Any help would be appreciated.
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In the UK there are lots of repair vans that come to your home and do repairs like that. They do paintless repairs to parking lot dents, repair chipped windscreens and invisible repairs to interior trim and seats etc. I am sure you must have something similar in the US of A try a google search.

I had a smilar repair carried out to a hire car seat for about $75....cheaper than the hire car excess....bloody kids :mad:

think it was called dent man or something like that, or try a mobile valeting service (you must have them surely?)
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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