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Installed a leather steering wheel cover. I used a baseball stitch which required me to use two separate threads, luckily the kit came with three. It wasn't custom made so the thumb rests didn't close all the way up, but the rest is pretty close.


I decided to remove it to install it indoors (heat) but you can do it in your vehicle if you are so inclined.


Since we have a column support on the bottom you can't start the thread at the very bottom. I started it at the left bottom of the wheel and went around from there. Here's where I finished it up with a tucked in knot.


Here's the finished project.


It took me 5 hours but I took lots of breaks and I also backed up about the first 6 inches of work when I realized that double threading was going to leave me short of enough thread to complete the job. The color is not an exact match for the leather seats and the lower trim. It's about a shade lighter (brighter). For $20 on Amazon it's pretty good quality and I'll update if anything happens adversely from here on. I probably would have tried a gray or a taupe knowing what I know now, but I'm okay with it so far.
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