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LED installed *** do not miss it ***

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sorry for low quality video

the video is rotated 90 degrees counter clock wise!

check it out:

3gp format:

avi format:
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Problem with file?

Is it just me, or is something wrong with your file. No picture just the sound of an exhaust system. (sounded pretty good by the way) What system is that Flowmaster, Gibson, or Borla. I'm going with Borla
Didn't work for me either. Just froze after 3 different screens. :crikey:
The place it is uploaded sucks. It was slow and I quit after it wanted me to click on a third link to download the file.
I seen it but as he said the quality was poor...but the lights were bright as hell. :) Lets see what it looks like in day light. :D
The video loaded fine for me. Where didi you get the LEDs? Are the assemblies or replc. bulbs?? How bright are they in the day time??
Loaded fine for me too...

So where's the info on the lights...
info. on lights? did you make them or buy them from somewhere? do they interfere with the reverse light??
Check with Burtman (vendor section) I think he carries them.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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