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Lemon Law

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Well I used to frequent the site under a different handle AKmada and was proud of my Armada and was willing to accept the shakes and rattles but I am 3 weeks into the Lemon Law buy back process since I purchased my beast the front differential has had to be replaced twice my whole front axle once and I have every rattle and shake you can think of plus 10. My steering shakes at speeds above 45 and I have the brake judder both front window motors have been replaced...I can go on and on but in 9 months my Armada has been the shop 2 1/2 months and I was driving a Ford Focus. Any one looking to start the process I will give you advice on how to start. It is a long process but well worth it. :thumbdown
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Yes I will...

masterwong said:
when you are all complete with the process and you get a new 06 you will have to change the hater screen name again... :D
You know the funny thing about my Armada is used to love it I drove it 5 easy city miles a day and babied it. And it still gave me these problems. I cant wait to test drive an 06 and see if I can stay with the best full SUV but I am gonna be cautious. I might have to by a tuner car and go fast and furious the 2006 Civic Si come standard 6 speed 210 HP with a turbo kit already available!! :051:
Lemon Law update

Well working with the BBB and Nissan I have an upcoming arbitration hearing to decide wether or not Nissan will have to buy my Armada back. The lady at Nissan said they are going to ask for some Tech guy to come up and make a final repair attmempt on my Armada before they have to repurchase it. The best thing about it is the hearing looks like it will be in Anchorage Alaska only about 400 miles away from where I am stationed. So the cost of gas alone wil be tremendous because you have to bring the vehicle to the hearing I couldnt just fly there and present my case. Let me tell you all that will be one loud booming no radio having, praying my front end doesnt fall off 400 mile road trip. So if anyone else had to do this process I hope your nearest arbitraitor isnt that far away and oh yeah I went to see what my trade in value is...KBB had my 04 LE with 4WD and DVD, and Bose with big tow at 28,100 the dealer would give me 27,200 so I am aprox. $ 7,000 upside down in a lemon that was supose to retain its value. Man I wish I was lucky like the rest of you and could at least have a drivable one as it is I only drive it 10 miles per week out of neccesity.
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92TripleBlack said:
Gee, that sounds like it would be much more relable than the Armada. :rolleyes:

BTW, Civic is a housewife car, not a race car. Acura NSX is the only sports car made by Honda. S2000 is a sporty vert, but not a sports car. If you want a new direction, skip your mothers Honda and get a GTO, Mustang GT 500, (both with 400+ HP stock, then add something :D ) or a WRX or EVO. The first two are the fastest in this post, faster than the NSX, unless you are talking twisties instead of highway. The last two are also momma's cars, but at least they have the parts factory installed and warrantied and would crush the Honda.
I was only kidding I have my eye on the 07 SVT Mustang :D

andy said:
So under the lemon law deal, Nissan only gives you Blue Book for the car? They don't refund the whole purchase price?
No what happened was I went to see if I wanted to trade it in on another vehicle how much they would give me for it and it was aprox. 6-600 less than the current payoff and only 1000 below KBB. If they have to re-purchase it they use some crazy eqaution, where the take into account youyr down payment how many monthly payments you have made and the current payoff. After all the computations Nissan would only have to give me a little over 3000 back after 1 year of $580 a month payments. Than they can re-sale the vehicle and make even more money. I dont see what their so hesitant about? Hell I told the lady at Nissan if they were to just take it back I dont even want the money I just want the Armada gone!
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