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Lemon Law

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Well I used to frequent the site under a different handle AKmada and was proud of my Armada and was willing to accept the shakes and rattles but I am 3 weeks into the Lemon Law buy back process since I purchased my beast the front differential has had to be replaced twice my whole front axle once and I have every rattle and shake you can think of plus 10. My steering shakes at speeds above 45 and I have the brake judder both front window motors have been replaced...I can go on and on but in 9 months my Armada has been the shop 2 1/2 months and I was driving a Ford Focus. Any one looking to start the process I will give you advice on how to start. It is a long process but well worth it. :thumbdown
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when you are all complete with the process and you get a new 06 you will have to change the hater screen name again... :D
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