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Let Me Introduce Myself

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Hello Everyone,

I've been a lurker for quite some time, but now that I'm a genuine Nissan Armada owner, it's time to post.

I just purchased a 2004 Armada on 10/23/04, from Adam Smith at New-Nissans.Com aka Advantage Nissan in Bremerton, WA. I must say that I rate the whole transaction with Adam and Advantage Nissan in the SUPERIOR catagory as far as buying a vehicle goes. From the moment I contacted Adam regarding a purchase, he was all business with none of the usual "Car Salesman BS."

I told him what I wanted and he quoted me the price... always $500 under invoice. He didn't complain or try to re-direct me when I had him chasing colors due to my lovely wife's indecision. He just found the vehicles with the color we wanted with the correct options and gave me the pick. Once I told him which one we wanted he obtained it via dealer trade and gave me call later that evening.

Instead of having the vehicle shipped to my home in Folsom, CA. I opted to fly up to Washington State and drive it home. I might add that the dealership had offered to put me up for the night in a hotel, so I could leave the next morning fresh for the road. I declined their generous offer and drove home the same day. Adam had one of the dealerships new salesman, Jacob, meet my flight at Sea-Tac Airport. Jacob was on time and met me at the luggage carosel. They made sure my arrival was uneventful, which was nice.

Pulling up to the dealership kind of surprised me. I hadn't seen any photos of the dealership and wasn't sure what to expect. I kind of thought it would have a tin roof and an outhouse because their prices are so good. I was wrong. The dealership building is brand new and is one of the nicest Nissan dealerships I have seen. I just wish they were local to me for service issues. The service area was clean and spotless. It reminded me of the way we kept our work areas when I was in the military.

I was also surprised when I met Adam Smith. He has a little head shot logo on the paperwork he sends. It makes him look like a little kid. Well, he does look young, but he's no small guy. I stand about 6'2" and he's taller than me. He is very nice, polite and easy to talk with. You don't get the feeling you are being "handled" when you deal with him. He is actually trying to give you the best deal and sales service that he can give and it shows.

The vehicle I was buying was clean and well prepared as were all of the other vehicles on the lot. Of course, my Armada was missing the infamous "Coin Tray." Adam said he would send me a "Coin Tray" along with some touch-up paint for a scratch that was on the fender. I might add that Adam had my Armada sent to detail to see if they could get the scratch to buff-out, but it was just a little too deep and they didn't want to cause any other paint issues. That was fine, since I feel that the touch-up paint should do the trick.

We took the Armada out for a test drive and Adam showed me the Armada's features. He knows the product very well. I'm glad, because one thing I won't stand for is a salesperson that doesn't know anything and tries to BS me or hasn't even read a brochure on the product. Adam knows his stuff.

Since the Finance guy was busy and it was lunch time, we went to a nice local cafe. The food was good and the portions very generous and best of all Adam even paid for lunch.

After lunch I met with Fred Kravich. Fred was my finance guy. I couldn't have asked for a better finance guy. He was knowledgable and to the point. He didn't try to sell me the special undercoating package where the guy hops on one foot while he's applying the undercoating. Fred had all of the paperwork under control and had me out of his office in roughly a half an hour. That my friends is a land speed record compared to other F&I guys I've dealt with. I appreciated it.

I apologize for the long post, but I feel it's important to let you know about the exceptional treatment I received from Adam Smith at aka Advantage Nissan. It was far better than I have received or would have received from any dealer (Nissan or other brands) in my local area. The time it took for me to fly up to Washington (2 hrs), do the deal and drive home is probably a little more or equal to the time it would take locally. But, what a difference in price and treatment. I will buy from Adam again. Probably sooner than later if my wife gets her way.

I would also like to thank all of you owners that post information as you discover it. The information you've posted has been very important in my vehicle choice. I look forward to learning and participating on this board.

I'm not a troll, just a satisfied customer. I will be happy to answer questions about my purchase expierence. Just email me at: [email protected] or pm me.

By the way... I told Adam about this site and it didn't seem like he was aware of it. He said that he would be very interested in being a site sponsor. So... whomever owns the site, I've just generated a revenue lead for you. You might want to give him a call.

In the near future I'll also try and get some photos posted.

Thanks again,
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Thanks for the post I'm glad you had a good experience with New-Nissans. We have actually been in contact for a while. They had decided to sponsor the site here and my other site but they said they would call me back at a certain time one day and never did. I figure we must be too small or something. I am working on other sponsors though. Hopefully they will come through.
thanks again

I'm surprised Adam didn't call back. He was usually right on time with my return calls. In his defense, like all of us, he is busy and it could have slipped his mind.
Oh well... it's business between the both of you. I just wanted to relay my good experience to those that are reluctant to buy over the internet.

Thanks for hosting such a good site. It's been a wealth of knowledge for me. I expect this site will grow large as more Armadas sail the road.

Tim :)

Welcome Tim. Glad you had such a good experience with your sales person.
I myself have been also very pleased with the service I received from Classic Nissan in Orlando. Quan, my sales guy has always been curties and informative. I brought the vehicle back last night for my free fill up and Quan noticed some dirt splashes on my vehicle. He promptly drove the truck around the back and had it HAND WASHED by his detail personal. I remembered him from last year when I purchased my S/C Frontier, it was actuly his first Car sale ever. He has come a long way, but has not lost any of his attention to detail and dedication to the customer that he had on the first day.

Anyway, welcome again.
Actually the guy that owns is Shane Edwards he works for the Nissan dealership there. He is the one I was in contact with not Adam.
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