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2.5" Lift Kit: $416 Daystar's tech guy said it will work with the auto-level that comes with the tow package with some slight modifications.

Poweraid spacer ~ $121.04.

Unichip: Dyno results can be seen doing a vehicle search at ~ $884.58.

Plus some intake, exhaust, etc.

Bottom line ~ there's just not a lot out there being offered for the Armada.

FYI ~ Rytek has lifted their truck another 7" since the picture I last posted was taken. The light bar on the Rytek was from Jaos, mounted with modified brackets. :cool:

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Daystar has had problems with their front system. Don't get it. It ruins the suspension.Get the same kit from PRG instead.
Unichip hasn't shown any results so far that I can find. And its been out for months. Titan guys etc. have no positive reports. I'm waiting for another more flexible and inexpensive one to comeout.
Poweraid spacer is snake oil. Does nothing but make aftermarket intaked fit incorrectly.
Intakes do nothing for power, just change the filter style and look cool.
Exhaust looks cool, changes the note of the exhaust, adds some top end HP at the expense of some low end torque in most cases. Haven't seen any dramatic improvements in overall power for anyone yet.

What you left out are the crummy supercharger kit that adds little power from Stillen. More may be on the way. Mossy performance is finishing their long tube headers. JBA shortys are a zero gain and PITA to install. There is a lift kit for us now and someone is working on a cam kit and Hypertech on programming.

So the good stuff is coming, but not here yet. The good thing is there are three models using the same stuff Titan, QX, and Mada, so there is a huge market for parts that people will start to go after. :3d_004:
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