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Looking for a real pushbar

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Anybody know who makes a real pushbar for our Armada's?
I'm not looking for cosmetic pieces that will crumple as soon as I try to push something or bend as soon as I step on it. It has to be frame mounted and very sturdy. I don't want alot of extra weight like a full blow bumper.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Got a buddy getting ready to put one of these on his Dodge Ram pickup. A very purpose-built bumper as opposed to a cosmetic design.
This is on the right track, but not a complete bumper. Bullbar or pushbar is really what I'm looking for.
Usually Go Rhino has something that is frame mount and really heavy duty.
I think one of their line actually has eliptical tubes based at the bottom for steps that are integrated right into the design of the guard. I am not sure what they have for "foreign" trucks yet.
I am still waiting for the aftermarket to catch up with these awesome trucks.
Only if Vin Diesel made a move called "Too Fast Too Furious III the Armada Strikes Back"

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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