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Looking for some advice

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I have been getting the run around by Nissan for over 1.5 years trying to get my DVD player fixed. I have posted the hole story here .

We leased our Armada. Aside form the technical problems, my wife loves her truck. Ultimately, I just want the problems fixed. Although, I am getting to the point where I may never buy another Nissan again (I have owned several, and currently own an Infiniti in addition to the Armada).
Anyone have advice on how I should proceed?
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Well, sounds like the first dealer didn't know how to fix your rig properly. The second dealer probably doesn't have the parts in yet. The brakes are just parts. You can turn off the lights yourself with 30 cents worth of brake fluid and 30 seconds time. I'd drive down, get them to put in the fluid, and make the appointment in person. Explain what's going on, and get it done. As for the TV, bring the TSB with you. They changed the mount on '05s and they don't have these problems. I'd also call around to a couple more dealers in the area and see if they have the brake parts in stock. Find one that does and then call back the dealer and tell them to get them from that dealer or you can go to the other dealer instead and get them put on. Good luck. :crikey:
gumbee said:
Actually, the TSB fix was applied to my truck. It didn't stop the rattling (it's actually the entire overhead and not just the screen). Anyway, when the Regional Specialist came out, he put the old style bracket back in and told me it worked better than the new (TSB) one. He was seriously wrong. In my case, if the Regional Specialst can't solve the problem, I don't think it is just a dealership issue.

The larger question, is why should I have to try out 3 different dealerships, each one becoming progressively more difficult to work with from a logistical standpoint (distance from home and work) before I can get simple things fixed?

If this really is the type of service Nissan offeres it customers, I never want to own another one again!!!!!!!!!!!
Sounds like the TSB wasn't applied correctly. I'd have them install all new parts.
As for the larger question, you're right on. I'd be the first in line to rip them a new one. I guess I'm lucky to have several dealers in town. They go out of their way because they know they need to to keep people coming back and not going to another. I called each one and spoke to the service guys prior to bringing in my Mada to make sure I got one I felt comfortable with. Good luck.
BTW, you may want to post the dealers that you have had problems with and ask board members who they would recommend in your area. ;)
Looks pretty easy. I used to install stereos for a living and this looks like a minor one hour job for a typical handyman, a little longer for someone inexperienced, and a little shorter for an installer. If you want to try this, get the bracket, and start. If you hit something you don't know what to dod, like how do you remove this part, just post. Probably solve your problems immediately with this and you won't have to deal with Mr. Dealer on this any more. Good luck. ;)
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