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looking to buy used SE w/offroad package

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I am using to look for used Armadas. I am interested in buying an SE with the Offroad package. When I check they just list SE or LE and none of the descriptions for SE state they have the offroad package. Is there a vin combination that would make it an SE with the offroad package? Just trying to find the best method of finding a used SE offroad without calling every dealer in town. Thanks.

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Cant seem to search for offroad option. Did find a great deal on an SE though|Y-_2004_|X-popular|Z-29651&aff=national
lol only problem is its one of those rare 3.5L V8 Armadas
cool thanks. seems there aren't too many used Armadas. Anything to look for in the description that would make it the offroad?


you've got a PM. Email me at [email protected]. I may have what your looking for.
Well I am guessing but it looks like the offroad wheels. THats what I was going on.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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