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Loud Pop\Bang from inside door?

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Has anyone ever heard of this?

I have found no cause, but It seems to happen about once every 2 weeks.

I'll be driving along then all of the sudden it sounds like someone threw a brick at my driver's door. Other than this loud noise, no other problems occur.
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Nope. Might be the window popping on and off the track, speakers shorting, etc. Bring it in. Doesn't sound like a problem that others have had to me.
Does it happen over harsh bumps. I have what sounds like metal on metal bang over harsh bumps and I am pretty sure it is the drivers side door. I have had nothing but trouble with that door. Bangs squeaks and rattles.
Nope, Just driving down a flat, even street and BOOM!
Its really weird.

I took it in yesterday but I doubt they will find anything... I'll let you know what happens.
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