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My husband and I bought an 05' Red Brawn on New Years eve and since we got it we have had 5 different problems with it and I still don't think it is right. We had the brakes done and realize that was a problem with many. Then our radiator cracked and we had it replaced. Next we had service done on the rear axle and had it re-torqued. Next there was a clicking noise from right front and it was serviced but it is still doing it, I'm going to have to call them back and have it rechecked. Finally we had a catalytic converter go and we just got it back two days ago. I LOVE this vehicle for what it is and what it can do but I'm getting really tired of driving an hour to the dealer for repairs. I don't want to get rid of it but I'm so frustrated that I have actually considered it. Anybody else had problems like these? I would just like to know if they are common or did we buy a big red lemon. HELP!!!!
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