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Lowarance has had a GPS with included MP3 Player on the market since December. 5" screen and 20gb HD of which 10gb are dedicated to MP3 storage. I've hardwired mine to my AUX Input. All threads on using this wanting Input apply.

The device is skinable meaning custom graphics and buttons can be used to modify the look and feel of the interface. I have written (cobbled together) two Nissan specific skins for the iWay. They use a Diamond Plate background with the Nissan logo.

They are downloadable from here:[email protected]/lst?.dir=/iWay&.src=bc&.view=

A sample of one MP3 Player screen is attached. It is just the background but when live it includes current song and waveform displays.

Enjoy, if you have an iWay.

Go to for more info on the iWay 500c. It has it's drawbacks but is by far the easiest to see and use Automotive GPS out there.
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