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MacFly's '04 Blizzard Armada

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here's my dog on dubz.......

24" Concept Neeper Vandals
CnJ 2 pc grille
....for now.
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MacFly said:
the ride is nice! as a passenger, you hardly notice the difference from the stock shoes. as the driver, bumps on the road is a lil bit more noticable.
Nice rims, but have you found any issues with the stock brakes? Several shops and wheel techs I spoke to all told me 22's are about the max the stock brakes can handle. And even with that there was a huge difference in stopping distance/time.

I want 24-26's but am waiting to perform a brake upgrade, I just can't see the small ass calipers/rotors stopping so much added weight from the rims and tires. Especially with all the wonderful brake problems our SUV's have stock from Nissan. :rolleyes:

Yeah I live in the Bay Area, so if your car didn't have any issues with the dumb ass drivers and steep hills around here then that's sweet. Good thing you brought up the rubbing issue, I completely forgot about that. I was only planning on going 10" wide with 305' you happen to know if that combo will rub?

I might just take the safe rout though and stick with 24's I think i would go broke trying to buy and replace 25-26" tires. Ohh yeah...were you also able to swap the tire pressure sensors on the 24's and does the system still work correctly?

Yeah I feel you on the 24's in the snow, that wouldn't be a good idea. lol My boys own a performance parts shop so I can get pretty good prices on rims and tires. So far I got a few rims in mind, maybe you can give me some feedback on what you think might look good.

24" Dvinchi Havok Lugs,
24" Dvinchi DV50's,
24" Giavana Abruzzo,

Or stick to what I really love, the GFG GF1-6's or GFG Flex....but those bad boys are MAJOR bank. So if I get those I'll have to stick to 22's most likely. I'll see what happens.

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