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Mada got keyed today

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I knew it was inevitable but my worst fear come true today the Mada got keyed. When I say keyed I mean Keyed. The got both Drivers side doors. They were only bout 4in's but they went all the way down to the primer almost bare metal. So I guess I will have to get both doors repainted completely. Jealously is terrible thing. This really sucks! Has anybody else had their Mada Keyed?
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Someone else got keyed several months ago. Search and you should find it.
armoody said:
Someone else got keyed several months ago. Search and you should find it.
that would be me... rumplecat, i feel ya pain. someone got my passengers doorr and the whole front end of the hood. i just recently got it fixed through my insurance company. paid a 50 dollar deductible for $700 worth of scratches. wasnt event that bad but noticible that i had to get it fixed. theres alot of ppl that dont want you to have sh!t
Been there. Not with the Armada, but with my BMW X5....days before I was to turn it in under the lease. Before that, 3 years and not a scratch. The car was absolutely perfect.
my QX got keyed after 2 weeks ownership.....from the rear quater panel to the front door.... the whole side of the truck had to be repainted to color match everything.....cost me $1000....

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